bdmgick asked:

Hey if you don't mind me asking how to did you get started taking photos for shows? I have always been interested in doing the same. Thanks!

Hey there! Well, I started by slinging a DSLR to small DIY shows at warehouses and venues like The Smell in L.A. I had a degree in journalism with a focus in writing, and I started working in a trainee program for the OC Register. The program focused on reporting for small community stories. But, after bugging the Register’s music editor a ton, I started reviewing and photographing shows for the paper. I then reached out to Lo-Pie (the best/most rad music blog there ever was!) and it turned out they needed a photographer to help cover shows in L.A., so I do that often in my free time. I still bring my camera to shows at smaller venues or outdoor events to snap pictures for fun. 

So basically, long story short, it’s best to just bring your camera to smaller local shows (the ones that allow you to take pictures), then once you have examples of your work, you can reach out to local music blogs and the like and ask if you can start contributing. And don’t be afraid to follow up with them!! That’s the key ;)

Hope this helps!

— Angie